White Paper

Diamond Dex

Diamond Dex is a 100% decentralized and disconnected exchange where crypto-currencies are stored in your home, on your smartphones. Your smartphones become a disconnected physical Wallet and you choose when you want to activate the transfer between Exchange and Wallet to be able to trade. The Wallet and the exchange will be linked to simplify your purchases and transactions while giving you the ability to disconnect it from the internet to fully secure your cryptocurrencies.

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After much research we have concluded that currently no exchange can guarantee and secure our cryptocurrencies. All of our crypto-currencies are stored in their servers without any guarantee. Even worse they have the ability to trade and gamble with our crypto currencies and funds. The current exchanges behave like traditional banks, they take your funds, your crypto-currencies, keep them on their servers and invest with them. While, cryptocurrency was born so that individuals could regain control of their wealth. This is why Diamond Dex was born. Diamond Dex gives you the possibility to fully manage your cryptocurrencies, to take full advantage of the possibilities of exchanges and physical wallet without restriction and without risk. Diamond Dex is defined as a disconnected Physical Exchange.

Securing accounts with physical NFTs


Your account, your Wallet, your cryptocurrencies will be secured via NFT. Virtual but also real NFT that you will receive at your home and that will allow you to secure your account. When you want to validate an external address or send cryptocurrencies to another account, place your NFT on the back of your smartphone, your device will identify your NFT, once your NFT is identified you can validate your transaction. In case you want to change your smartphone, all you have to do is to recover your account through your NFT. As for the information contained in your NFT, it is encrypted and unbreakable, only Diamond Dex can understand it.

Creating and Losing your NFT

When you register, you will be asked for a selfie, a photography of a valid identity document, a secret question and a password, then a Pass Phrase will be generated automatically. Then your information will be sent to us in a totally encrypted way and we will be able to create your NFT. We will store this information in an encrypted way on a server totally disconnected from the internet and disconnected from any network. Only a physical access will be possible to avoid any hacking. So if you lose your NFT you will be asked for a selfie, a picture of your ID, a secret question and a password and if everything is in order your NFT can be sent again.

Exchange vs Diamond Dex security comparison

Exchange Diamond Dex
Location of cryptocurrencies On their server with direct and unrestricted access to the people working in the exchange Store on your smartphones
Hacking Subject to hacking because their servers that store your cryptocurrency are connected 24/7 to the internet Possibility of disconnecting completely from the Internet, which automatically blocks any possibility of attack.
Account recovery Pass Phrase Encrypted physical NFT
Securing transfers Code NFT Physical encrypted
Adding a trusted address Code NFT Physical encrypted
Company server Connected and therefore subject to hacking Totally disconnected from the internet and any internal network.
Investment Invest with your money and your cryptocurrency like traditional banks Does not have access to your cryptocurrency and our cryptocurrency server is totally disconnected and therefore does not have access to the exchange.

The current Exchanges, even the biggest ones, would not be able to give cryptocurrencies to all their users in case everyone would transfer or withdraw at the same time, like a Traditional bank. Diamond Dex does not have access to your crypto-currencies so they do not invest with them and all users have their entire crypto-currency under their control at all times

Server disconected

NFT Secure physical

Diamond Dex has a server that is totally disconnected from the internet and every action on this server is done manually. When you create your account, you will be asked for a selfie, a photocopy of your ID card, a secret phrase, your passphrase, a password and your mailing address in order to generate your physical NFT and send it to you by post. All this information will be fully encrypted and transferred manually to our disconnected server. If you lose your physical NFT we will be able to make you a new one after verifying your identity.

Secure Cryptocurrency

Your smartphone becomes a physical wallet that can be completely disconnected from the internet. But it can happen that you break your phone, drop it in water or any other damage that makes your smartphone inaccessible and therefore you have a risk of losing all your cryptocurrencies. Because of this, we give you the option of not storing your cryptocurrencies on your smartphone but on our disconnected physical server. If you opt for this solution, when you activate the Wallet disconnection, all your cryptocurrencies will be transferred from your smartphone to our exchange servers, and then manually transferred to our disconnected Wallet server. When you request to reconnect your Wallet, we manually retrieve all your cryptocurrencies from our disconnected server, and send them to your smartphone. The actions of connection and disconnection of the Wallet to our disconnected server are done manually, so a delay of 24 to 48 hours will be applied for each action.

Diamond Store

The Diamond Store is a store within Diamond Dex where you can buy, sell or trade NFTs. The Store will also allow you to order a credit card that will allow you to make purchases in any country in the world regardless of currency and directly with your cryptocurrency.


Diamond Dex is not only a disconnected physical wallet, but also an exchange. That's why you'll have the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies just like any other exchange. You will also have the ability to transfer cryptocurrencies to or from any other exchange.

Exchange fees

Diamond Dex is the only Exchange that will be totally free of fees, there are no fees in buying and selling crypto-currencies. Buying and selling crypto-currencies will only cost the fees applied to the crypto-currencies themselves, fees that are external to the exchange such as mining fees.

Diamond Dex Token

Diamond Dex Token (DDT) is the governance token of Diamond Dex, it will allow the purchase and resale of all Diamond Dex products (NFT, Goodies ...).


Diamond Dex's fee is 17%. These fees will allow the development of the Project, keep the price curve stable and reward the Holders.

NFT level

The NFTs that will allow you to secure your cryptocurrencies will not all be of the same manufacturing level. At Diamond Dex we have 5 Levels:

  • Common
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Launch Phase


After a long reflection, we decided to allow you to participate in the adventure from the creation of the project. The Diamond Dex Token is the main token, it will be used for any action in Diamond Dex, its price will increase as time goes by even after the presale.

Evolution of Diamond Dex

Drafting of the White Paper

Creation of the Diamond Dex blockchain and the Diamond Dex token



Creation of the Website


Creation of the Mobile Diamond Dex application

Website update

Added on CoinMarket Cap

Add on PancakeSwap

Creating user accounts in the application

Creation and allocation of NFTs

Creation and mailing of physical NFTs

Website update

Adding the NFT Store in the application

Added Wallet disconnect feature in the application

Added function to transfer cryptocurrencies to the Wallet disconnect.

Creating the exchange